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Ken & Andrew

Ken Wilber & Andrew Cohen
offer some interesting perspectives on Love, Sex & the Evolutionary Drive (Eros)

Erogenous Zones of Life

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What Is Love?

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber speak about Love.

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Piercing the Romantic Illusion

If a man and a woman can each go this far, and then come together with the same ultimate purpose, there is a foundation for something different to happen. 

If it’s going to work, each individual has to be more interested in evolution beyond ego and in the evolution of consciousness itself than they’re interested in being together. 

If they don’t want the same thing, it will never work. 
The ego derives a great sense of security from being in a relationship like this. 

So if we want to create a new enlightened culture, the last thing that our romantic and sexual relationships should do is serve to create security for the part of our self that that doesn't want to evolve. 

It’s very important to be able to prove that we can do this. 

If men and women can’t live together, not just harmoniously but victoriously, then what does our spiritual attainment mean? In a culture like the one we’re all living in, where there is so much cynicism about human potential and where we imbue the romantic and sexual bond with so much significance, to be able to demonstrate an extraordinary victory in this particular area of life speaks a thousand words.

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