What inspired this Festival, initially, was that we couldn't give out our usual Solstice presents because 

1) we had a few heart-brakes to deal with around that time, in our creative team ... but also,

2) another (& somewhat clashing) big 'event' was occupying the attention of a lot of our friends, on the 12/12/2012

< This summarizes quite well what we thought of that meme ...

But we were also increasingly worried about how conscious are we of the myths we're spinning (or we're being attacked with)?

Not to mention being quite concerned about a lot of our colleagues mysteriously elevating (in our collective imagination) to some higher level of wisdom the stories of a people who were ripping out hearts from live humans at the time, on mass.  
(Although the Aztecs were worse in this respect ... what does it take to discredit a religion?)

And other little historical mis-representations like this one ...  

All of which seemed to point to a worrying suspension of the higher faculties happening, as we collectively pursued what appears to be a great thirst for some useful mythology / yet more pseudo-radical distractions to help us navigate these interesting times. 

Perhaps we need more conscious, more intelligent (& more interesting?) myths to play with.

Suspension of belief
is a very important skill to develop
- for any good scientist or seeker - 
never to be confused, please, with
suspension of thinking
which is quite a different, 
& much more dangerous creature.

So, because Integral Permaculture Designers design in all 4 quadrants ...

.. & we've been working for some time to put out there the "big us" picture in everything we do
- with a hope of accelerating conscious evolution up this spiral 

So we thought it might be a lot of fun, as well as very useful, to do try some consciousness-raising on mythologies, Love, the Universe & Everything, by proposing a supra-sexual co-creation party around the idea of re-designing Eros.   

Throwing some new light on Eros...

Because ... what is very interesting to consider ... is that Eros started off as the noble representation of nothing less than the Primordial Force of Creation, the Evolutionary Drive itself, but nowadays he's almost exclusively known in his "Silly Cupid" version, that one having regressed in turn from the (rather handsome, & at least adult) Cupid-Eros which classical students are most familiar with.    

(Yes, it's the very same guy, we checked, it's amazing ...)

Eros-Phanes  >

Eros of Piccadilli >

Stupid Cupid

This might seem trivial ... but only to people who don't apreciate the power of stories.     

"There's always a story.
It's all stories really.
The sun coming up every day is a story.

Everything's got a story in it.
Change the story, change the world."

(in "A Hat full of Sky" by Terry Pratchett)

What is significant about Valentine's day, is that this is, perhaps, the biggest (& yearly) part of the massive propaganda campaign that keeps this primal force firmly tied up in our collective unconscious, as we are persuaded to worship the pale shadow of its former self.

(& if you think 'worship' is a funny word to use for modern practices ... just think what all those people buying roses & heart-shaped chocolates are praying for, & to whom?  Whether consciously or not, those are all offerings to the God of Love... whether we like to admit it or not.  & it's a massive industry, so it's quite a cult!)

As Evolutionary Love is all about passionate co-creation, with this Festival of Evolutionary Love we're just proposing some provocative seed-ideas & make available some space & time + what we hope is a seductive invitation to do some supra-sex together!

Supra-Sex is a very useful meme put out there by Barbara Marx Hubbard quite a few years ago...

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