We do free conferences whenever we can because we really love our work of spreading good news on how designing a better world is possible (and very gratifying), and helping others know about the most up-to-date & effective ideas, practices, models and we have to do it, which is our passion.

We also usually give presents through these conferences to show our deep gratitude towards all people who are collaborating (or even thinking on how to collaborate) in the big task we have now of changing society, and because we want to do all we can to support them in this task that's so important, nowadays more than ever before.

During this Saint Valentina Festival we offer these 6 "Butterfly Presents" (the evolutionary butterflies in the story from the first conference), apart from the 4 free conferences:

1. For Evolutionary Couples

It's a support group with lots of important information to encourage Evolutionary Couples - it doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not - which is also very useful if you've ended a relationshipa and the wound still hasn't healed.   
And also very useful for non-couple relationships (good friends or work coleagues).

How to improve our relationships or prepare for an evolutionary couple.

2. Support Group for Self Love

In order to love ourselves more, we organize a month-long free support group for "Self Love", which focuses how to improve our self-steem and take care of our own evolution.

These two presents are also useful as a short introduction to ExpandAMOs, where, through the whole year, we expand on all these basic aspects to improve our lives and work in the world.

3. ExpandAMOs Discount

Our tird present is a 20% discount in ExpandAMOs' first phase (the EcoListening study circle) if you join before march:

4. Free Year for Translators

And another present is a 1 year of ExpandAMOs free for translators, as the wonderful personal development course and mastermind group that we now offer for all year is not available in English yet... and we'd love offering it in the future.

5.  Integral Health Course

Jose's developing a very unique course (and epic... we've seen some of the contents) about the most controversial topics on integral health.   It'll be a 7 to 10 classes-long course with personal & group support to change our habits - we'll have personal coaching on how to apply all the content to our real life, appart from group discussions, live sessions, etc.

As a present, we offer some of the classes in the course for free... for people who participate in the Festival dialogues... how many you receive depends on what & how much you share with us  :)

6. The EcoEconomy Course!!

We're launching a fantastic course we've been preparing with lots of love for years... and that will start on April 2013 and will last until August.   To celebrate so much evolutionary love we offer a big discount (up to 60%) in "Permis" for people who enroll in March (as soon as possible!) and who want to help us prepare it.

As, all through this preparatory month, we have so many administration, logistics (e.g. outreach, translation, preparing the e-book, etc.) tasks that really any person with willingness and internet connection can do, and any of these works that's done (we start organizing and distributing it as soon as you enroll) will be paid for in our local currency, Permis, so you can have this experience of using complementary currencies, something we'll study in great depth in the course.

See for more details
on who the course is designed for,
how it works, who facilitates it, etc.

And Thank You So Much for Your Presents!!

We were very moved by these presents
from some participants...

Hi  ... I participated in the conference ...

I've been deeply moved by finding a group of people who I resonate with.
I participated actively during 2 years in the frustrated organization of a community, but it ended very badly, with people who came out emotionally damaged (me too)...
That's the reason for my continuous search for tools that can make the relationships we weave together more fluid and human...

Sometimes I feel very lonely in this path and I love finding people like You, who's so close to the way in which I'd like to relate in... Thanks for your generous presents, and there's someone here who's open and willing to collaborate in the evolution.

Hi Stella, Jose & everyone,
I've finished watching yesterday's conference, brilliant, as all I'm reading about the free courses, even more brilliant... better late than never, right?

The truth is I'm getting very hooked, the little I've watched is being so helpful... it's helping me put order into my current chaos.   I'm learning everything I'm capable of, taking notes, I don't want to miss anything...

Hello, 1st thank you very much for the awesome conference you offered. It's been very recomforting in many senses, and best of all, hope-giving, I've been very moved by all I've heard, I'm happy for habing found this light, thank you so much. I hope I can follow the next one live.

Truth is, I've felt very identified with the moment when the caterpillar cells are decomposed in a soup and my imaginal cells are being attacked by the rest. It's been very beautiful for me to think that from this mess a butterfly can emerge.

I don't know too much about permaculture, I'm starting and I'm liking it a lot, more than that, we're finally talking in the same language!

... I was going to surrender when I found you... I wish I had known about this before ruining my physic and everything else.
I feel indebted to the mother earth and her inhabitants, I'm aware that all the comforts we enjoy come from abuse and stealing the resources of who can't fight back.
My goal is finding out all I can and of course contributing with what I have to restore the damage that's been caused.
Up till now I had always felt as a flea dropping in front of an indestructible giant... Ananke's inevitability... when I found permaculture a light was opened (Ether?)... everything's already starting... I just need to overcome my fears and join the really good work you've been doing for so many years (Eros)... all of you... thank you very much...