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If you'd like to join us in the more interactive part, we've prepared a Wiser.org group called "EvolutionaryLove" where we can meet & participate in the dialogues, propose new ideas, use the chat, exchange contacts & learning, etc.  
See you there!

3 Levels of Participation

1) Webinars Only

You can just listen to the webinars (you need to be part of our email list to get the notifications, if you want to see them live, after the event they will be posted in this web)

2) With Dialogues

participate in the dialogues in the Wiser.org Evolutionary Love group if you want to contribute what YOU think about all of this (we'd love to hear from you!)

In the Dialogues we'll go into more detail about what Presents we are offering with this Festival: the more you get involved, the more nice surprises you will receive ...

3) CoCreators

You are very welcome to co-create this resource with us & bring YOUR Evolutionary Love to the event: we invite you to add your own inspiration in any way that you feel moved to - eg. you are welcome to offer a talk, send a video, propose whatever ...  let us know in the Dialogues!

About the Festival

Here is some detail of the Why, What, How, etc. of the Festival, in case you are wondering ...


Because our most pressing need now is to design a conscious evolution towards a sustainable humanity.

& we could say that love is the most powerful creative force in existence - therefore this is a very important subject to explore & understand in depth for any person who is working for the Transition: whether it's at the level of changing your life, work, relationships, your community, a project or your bio-region.

Also, we regularly do these live conferences because we enjoy getting evolutionary ideas out there & meeting new interesting people through the discussions that follow. 

All of us at NodoEspiral are passionate about permaculture & our BIG LOVE is designing anything that will help move us all toward a sustainable society ... so we have a lot of fun creating this event for you - hope you enjoy it!


4 interactive live webinars (online multi-media conferences)
about Evolutionary Love, in these 3 dimensions: MeUs & All Life
or Love SelfCommunity Love & Love All Being  

Represented by these three 
heart icons which you can 
click on for more detail

You will see these in the menu
to the left & can also click on the 
tabs at the top of the page 

There will be Dialogue spaces in between the Webinars,
where you can meet others & discuss the proposed topics.

The festival is free. 
It lasts 2 weeks but then you will be able to see the recordings all year, 


We'll keep in touch in these 3 ways during the Festival:

You will receive the links to the webinars by email, 
& also be able to click on them on this website, in the calendar

2) WISER Network
Wiser.org is a kind of Facebook dedicated to sustainability work
is where we will hold the discussions.  >> see the  the Evolutionary Love group

Please do add your skypename to this dialogue thread if you'd like to be added to an EvolutionaryLove skype conference

If you can't attend the event live, 
you can see the recordings here afterwards
& participate in the conversations whenever you like.


You enrol to the conferences just by subscribing to the NodoEspiral email list:
for occasional news
& invites to free conferences
(if you're not subscribed already), as we'll send out instructions to you
through there.   The Festival is free, we just ask that you donate your ideas if you feel inspired to!

To participate in the Discussions you need to join the Evolutionary Love group



Everywhere & Anywhere!     

You may join us from anywhere the world, if you have an internet connection.
All the information will be available here, on this site,& we'll post news on by email (you need to be on our mailing list, see Enrolment details, above)

The dialogues & discussions will be in Wiser.org, the social network for sustainability - see How section, above.


This is for people who are 
  • engaged in working for Sustainability or Transition, 
  • who are thinking about starting to work for the Great Change,
  • at any level: personal, local, national, international ... 
  • who are concerned about where Humanity is heading right now, 
  • who are in Love
  • who out of Love or confused about love
  • who are broken-hearted at the moment
  • who are interested in the stories we tell ourselves
  • & where they lead us, why
  • who are interested in Evolution, at all levels

We are designing this as an interactive & participative event, & it's up to you how much you want to be involved, in what ways & how much you'd like to use this event to get to know others who are interested in these topics, exchange ideas, debate issues that concern us all, etc.  

And the people of NodoEspiral of the PermaCulture Academy
who are organizing this 
(with some help from our students) 

Stella - Coordination

Jose - Tech Support

Pepa - Outreach Support

You can see our profiles in the Team & Philosophy page of NodoEspiral